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AIB expands supports for staff affected by domestic violence

AIB has expanded the range of practical supports it offers staff experiencing domestic violence and abuse including ten days’ fully paid leave a year.

The bank also offers affected employees five days paid emergency hotel accommodation, security assistance to ensure their personal safety on the way to, from and at work, counselling services.

Affected workers also have the option of a salary advance to assist financially where and when required.

In-house vulnerable customer supports to help ensure their financial independence is also available to affected workers.

AIB said this is part of its commitment to provide a work environment that is safe and supportive for all its employees.

AIB’s Chief People Officer Geraldine Casey said that as one of the country’s largest employers, the bank wants to show its commitment to stand with staff experiencing domestic violence.

“The enhancements to our policy provide important practical supports and build on the resources that we already have in place,” Ms Casey said.

“Our policy has been informed by the experience of a staff member who was a victim of domestic violence and is now working to improve supports for vulnerable customers,” she said.

We are committed to continue to play our part to support both colleagues and customers impacted by this sensitive societal issue,” she added.


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