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Union claims Indeed acting in bad faith over job cuts

Recruitment website, Indeed, has been accused of acting in bad faith in relation to proposals to make up to 200 workers at its Irish operations redundant.

The Financial Services Union (FSU) claims the company is trying to “shut down” the statutory consultation process midway through the required thirty-day phase.

In response the company has said it is following all legal requirements.

Indeed announced on March 22nd that it plans to cut 15% of its workforce or 2,200 jobs globally.

The company has 1,400 Irish staff and according to the FSU 200 of those positions are under threat.

The union claims the 30-day consultation period between the business and the staff representatives only began on March 31st.

“The statutory consultation period has only reached a mid-way point and company management are already seeking to shut down the process,” said Gareth Murphy, Head of Industrial Relations with the FSU.

“The process is being pushed by the company as quickly as possible and this is adding to increased stress levels for staff.”

“Indeed, is not living up to its own stated company values which talk about supporting employees and valuing staff.”


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