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Firms lacking tech resources to meet needs

Almost half of business leaders here feel they do not have adequate staffing or tech resources to meet their business needs, a new survey by IT Alliance Resourcing Services shows.

The survey examines some of the main issues impacting companies at the moment.

Burnout is identified as a big problem, with more than one in three business leaders saying they have suffered burnout themselves.

Those working in healthcare were most impacted.

But over half of businesses are planning to hire more staff this year, to help ease the pressures.

Businesses in the healthcare, finance and HR sectors, are most likely to increase their workforce.

Meanwhile, 39% of business leaders admitted to facing issues around quiet quitting.

This is a trend where employees put no more effort into their jobs than is absolutely necessary.

Today’s research also suggests that remote working is here to stay.

46% of companies said they are planning to either reduce or close their office space this year.

Despite these challenges, almost half of the companies surveyed are optimistic their business will grow in 2023 and 52% do not think there will be a recession.


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